What to wear this Fall

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So here are 4 fall fashion trends for 2019:

1) Animal print

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All kinds of animal prints from tortoise shell to tiger, from leopard to zebra you will see it all, and it is very on trend right now, be it shoes, socks, belts, tops or jeans there is animal print available in everything fashion you can think of.
However do not just mix everything up dressed in animal print from top to bottom, that will surely be a fashion faux pas. Just try to incorporate a tiny bit here and there, for example a scarf or a belt or even shoes but keep it minimal because a little bit certainly goes a long way.


2) Purple, yellow and emerald green

All summer long you might have observed pastel colours rocking the heat but as fall approaches all kinds of shades and tones in purple are all the rage.
Another colour we are seeing is a tonne of mustard yellow in everything from sunglasses to shoes, pop of a very happy colour will surely make a statement in this gloomy weather.
Another very observed colour especially on the runways and on celebrities is an emerald green, which is a gorgeous colour and looks stunning on all skin tones.
So get out of your comfort zone and try to incorporate a little pop of colour to your outfit, you are sure to love it.

3) Florals!!

Which is pretty weird considering you see a lot of flowery prints in the summers, but who says rules can not be broken? And also they just look cute all year round so why not?
Florals have been going about all year but fall and floral does not exactly go together in our heads but try to imagine some victorian style flowers on a burnt orange background, it is very fall appropriate if styled properly.

4) Flared jeans and pants

Yes, I know some of you might be running away and are not ready to let go of your skinny jeans quite yet, but i assure you if styled correctly flared bottoms can look great.

Number one is that the should fit you right around the waist and through your thighs, then very slightly flare out, but bell bottoms do look a little crazy.
Number two, it is recommended that you actually wear heels with them because they are a little longer than regular jeans and hence look unflattering when paired with flats. However if heels are not your style then chunky shoe or sneaker looks great as well, also boots!

Fashion is something that always changes and while some trends might be a little more accepting for you while some may not does not mean you are obligated to follow it.
You Do you in the most beautiful, comfortable and confident way possible with your head held high, because fashion is more about creativity rather than following certain rules. Why not get creative with your outfits and be the beginning of a new fashion trend?