Urdu comic book for children to navigate them through the pandemic while imparting Interfaith Harmony

An impressive way to educate people.

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Little Ahmed, broadly known as ‘little master’ in his locale for his capacity to watch his environmental factors and gain from them before offering goals will be the primary character taking readers on his experiential journey.

he book is being published by Mehrdar Art and Production which is a Karachi based production house that specializes in positive and socially motivated content.

MAP wants to promote positive social activism through a ‘youth-based narrative’. The project is in collaboration with Hum Sub Saath, a community initiative dedicated to building resilience in this time of global crisis.

Written by Inam Hassan, the colorful representations have been finished by Umair Najeeb Khan.

Fahim Shad, CEO of Mehrdad who is likewise a social dissident progressing in the direction of countering partisan viciousness and radicalism in the nation talked about the earnest requirement for bringing such a story up in the present time.

Inside his gathering of companions plummeting from zones, for example, Lyari, Ibrahim Hyderi, Baldia Town and Shirin Jinnah Colony where they are liable for running an adolescent organization, there was an aggregate arrangement that prejudice was as irresistible as the destructive ailment.

“Everyone felt that people aren’t fighting the coronavirus, instead they are fighting with one another,” he said in a conversation with Images.

“Organisations refused to give relief to Hindus and minorities, blaming their castes and religion for the coronavirus.”

The 6 part series follows 6 stories that cater to each issue separately. The witty and well-though-out names include ‘Virus-Corona’, ‘Afwahein Sunona’ (Don’t listen to rumors), ‘Ghar se Niklona’ (Don’t leave the house), ‘Munafay Kam Rakhona’ (Cut down on profits), ‘Apas Mein Larona’ (Don’t fight amongst one another) and ‘Ehtiyat Karona’ (Practice precaution.)

The just released the first episode on social media, and it really shows the sheer talent behind the project

With schools returning, the message of spreading harmony and agreement turns out to be much more relevant. Cooperating with Ilm-O-Adab Publications, they mean to print 10,000 duplicates to be dispersed among the less favored neighborhood of the apparent multitude of locale of Karachi.

For youngsters matured 4-16, ‘Little Master’ wants to show kids the pandemic, how to explore through the troublesome conditions welcomed on by the phenomenal emergency, and how to abstain from tormenting everyone around them, experiencing a similar trial.

For the individuals who wish to peruse on the web, the digital book will be accessible on the Ilm-O-Adab stage.