Two “Celebrity” pilot sisters are also allegedly among Fake License Holders

The PIA pilot sisters who’ve also allegedly been named in the fake license holders list, were recently lauded by Pakistanis for their achievement.

The “Celebrity” pilot sisters are back in the spot light, but this time for bad reasons. Let us share the details with you.

Recently it was revealed that 40% of PIA pilots have fake licenses  . PIA took serious action against all those pilots and their licenses were suspended. The details disclosed that there was a total of 862 pilots that served in 3 of the main airlines of the country and out of those, 262 pilots did not appear for the exams themselves. They had asked someone else to sit in the exam instead of themselves. The aviation minister also asserted that pilots in Pakistan have been appointed in accordance with the political preferences. He further added to his statement by saying that the selection criterion was devoid of merit.

The names of the PIA pilot sisters were allegedly found in the fake license holders list

Another user on Twitter said :

Is she the same Maryam Masood who got a lot of fame few years back on social media? Apparently her sister’s name is also on the list. Maryam also skidded an ATR off runway, nearly killing everyone last year. Shameful if true.

— Hassan (@hassans567) June 27, 2020

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