Turkish police carried out arrests over Mecca poster with LGBT flags

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We know that it has became very common for people to insult other’s religion especially on the name freedom of expression. People do say anything publicly and they don’t forget to add the line “This is my right to freedom of expression”. But these insults reach to another level when it comes to Islam and Muslims. Same thing happened in Turkey when a poster came into view. The incident occurred in the Turkey’s most prestigious university, Bogazici University. This poster was displayed at the exhibition by some LGBT perverts.

The poster showed a woman (half women half snake) at the site of worship. Along with that there were LGBT flags that were present along with the women.

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This poster was then condemned by the Turkish top officials. Those students were then arrested by the police on Saturday.

Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said that these perverts had been arrested for disrespecting the Sacred Kaaba. According to the police, initially five students were arrested in which one of them was released,  two were put in a house arrest while the remaining two were jailed and are now waiting for their trial. The police are still looking for two more suspects involved in it.