Turkey’s Erdogan converts another former Church into mosque

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday ordered another ancient Orthodox church that became a mosque and then a popular Istanbul museum to be turned back into a place of Muslim worship.

The choice by President Erdogan to change the Kariye Museum into a mosque came only a month after a likewise disputable transformation for the UNESCO World Heritage-perceived Hagia Sophia.

The two changes mirror Erdogan’s endeavors to stir his more moderate and patriot supporters when Turkey is enduring another spell of expansion and monetary vulnerability brought about by the coronavirus.

Be that as it may, they have added to Turkey’s strains with Greece and its Orthodox Church.The Greek unfamiliar service called the choice “one more incitement against strict people all over the place” by the Turkish government.

The 1,000-year-old structure’s history intently reflects that of the Hagia Sophia — its greater neighbor on the memorable western bank of the Golden Horn estuary on the European side of Istanbul.

The Holy Saviour in Chora was a medieval Byzantine church decorated with 14th-century frescoes of the Last Judgement that remain treasured in the Christian world.

It was originally converted into the Kariye Mosque half a century after the 1453 conquest of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks.

It became the Kariye Museum after World War II as Turkey pushed ahead with the creation of a more secular new republic out of the ashes of the Ottoman Empire.

A group of American art historians then helped restore the original church’s mosaics and opened them up for public display in 1958.

But Erdogan is placing an ever greater political emphasis on the battles that resulted in the defeat of Byzantium by the Ottomans.