Our entertainment industry in Pakistan is growing and producing more theaters than it has ever been. And that’s why the public can enjoy a few wonderful yet very good dramas every season. Their outstanding plot together with both the director’s incredible direction, the outstanding characters as well as the equally impressive acting abilities both are reasons that led to the drama ‘s achievement. But it doesn’t have the entertainment of all kinds, perhaps the simpler plot with strategy is acceptable will be enough to attract the viewer towards any story.

Well here are top 3 interesting dramas that you need to watch this year:

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Yeh dil mera:

This serial has a star cast of Sajjal Aly, Ahad Raza mir and Adnan Siddiqui. It is a romantic as well as thrilling drama produced by Momina Duraid. This is a story about a young kid witnessing his family ‘s murder and his vengeance for about their killing makes this story very entertaining. Amaan ‘s way of targeting Meer Farooq via Ana is pretty straightforward, but how he would unravel the rest of the strategy needs to be seen. The combination of Ahad Raza Mir as well as Sajal Aly and indeed the outstanding performance still provided tremendous weight to the story.


One might tell that Deewangi is a great drama. This story is inspired by the Korean drama Cheabol, the show’s actor is a millionaire, who belongs to a family in good financial condition. This woman, however, comes from a modest background, but she’s still assertive and self-sustained, so that she’s never paid any attention to cutting corners even though she has strong confidence in herself. Deewangi seems to have a powerful effect on audios, as it is focused in this kind of plot. The star cast includes Danish Taimoor, Hiba Bukhari, Mehmood Aslam and Nida Mumtaz under the directions of Zeeshan Ahmed on GEO entertainment.


With Feroze Khan, Ramsha Khan, Hania Aamir and Gohar Rasheed extreme obesity important roles, it’s a romantic drama at core. Feroze appears to be playing the aggressive Hamza, who has for 4 years had already been in love with his college fellow Hamna. Hamna seems to be in love with him though, due to the extreme emotional strain of her father, she ended up going to agree to marry someone else. On the other hand, Hamna ‘s sister, Roomi, is cheerful, and has no complaints about anything else in life. Even though the plot is regular, but it’s worth watching the characters and acting skills. Also, there is a bit of comedic aspect when the drama feels closer to the reality. The star cast includes Hania Amir, Feroz Khan and Ramsha, this dtama can be seen on ARY DIGITAL.

Above are some worth watching dramas with some interesting plots and story lines as well, so do watch them and kill your boredom while being in a lockdown!