Tomato prices skyrocketed to 400 per kilo in Karachi

Tomato is now a luxury in Karachi and we couldn't agree less

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The cost of tomato hit a record high in Karachi on Tuesday and came to Rs400 per kilogram from Rs300-320 for each kg on Monday. Without any landed cost of the Iranian tomato, eager brokers likewise brought the cost of Swat and Sindh crop at standard with the Iranian tomato rate to make colossal benefits.

However, the local administration, similar to its past training, cited a ridiculous retail pace of Rs253 per kg contrasted with Rs193 per kg on Monday. In the main seven day stretch of November, the official retail pace of tomato was Rs117 per kg and Tuesday’s legitimate value plainly showed that the administration itself was changing the value upward.

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There are not really any traders selling tomato at the control rate. Dealers said a container containing 13-14 kg of tomato was accessible at Rs4,200-4,500 relying upon the quality, in this way compelling numerous brokers to suspend acquiring.

The administration had a week ago gave a license for bringing in 4,500 tons of tomato from Iran, yet the appearance of the red organic product presently couldn’t seem to get pace in the market, bringing about a constant climb in the rates in perspective on rising interest.

Of the 4,500 tons, just 989 tons had landed in the nation up until this point, a merchant stated, including that he couldn’t affirm whether more amounts landed at the Taftan border on Tuesday.

Falahi Anjuman Wholesale Vegetable Market president Haji Shahjehan said, “Being president of the wholesale market, I can only urge the customers to restrict their purchases for two to three days as it may break the monopoly of a few traders as well as bring down the tomato prices.”


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