The all time famous laptop washer, Gopi Bahu is on Twitter and thing are really funny

Gopi Bahu is one of the most favorite character of Indian TV shows. Her popularity isn’t just limited to India. she is quite famous in Pakistan too. One of the most iconic scene is the laptop washing, she is famous because of that. People just don’t forget to troll her and make her an integral part of some very funny memes, especially after her ‘interference’ with a laptop.

A parody account of the bahu has been tweeting some crazy stuff.

We all know about Gopi bahu’s love for laptops :

There are tweets that mention that she might use new ‘detergent’ to wash the laptop nicely.

The sole purpose of this Twitter account is to highlight the obsession of Gopi bahu with laptops

Gopi Bahu seems to be in a Hornet’s nest because of the ongoing lockdown due to COVID-19.

Gopi bahu has a valuable idea to sanitize the laptops

According to Gopi Bahu dish wash liquids should only be used to wash laptops

People are also sharing related memes :

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