Students demand HEC chairman’s resignation

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As the crisis due to the pandemic increases, students are forced to take online classes. But the students are not satisfied with the the standard of education provided via online teaching methadology.

The main problem is the unavailability of a proper internet connection in many areas of the Pakistan. Earlier the Higher Education Commission took notice of the issue but nothing actually happened.

#ResignChairmanHEC started trending on Twitter.

After bearing the issues for a few weeks, now Pakistani students are demanding the resignation of HEC Chairman Tariq Banuri.

Indeed the future of the student is not in safe hands.

Another reason provided.

All that the universities are interested in the MONEY. They don’t care about the problems faced  by students. One solution can be that for this academic year they should cancel the summers semester and delay this semester. But wait this is gonna make them lose MONEY. ooppss! I forgot that all they care about is MONEY.

Do tell us in the comments section that isn’t it true?

what steps should be taken so that we can stop destruction of students?