Status Quo and the pandemic

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The first case of corona virus was diagnosed in Pakistan on Feb 26, 2020, but Pakistan is slowly awakening to the pandemic and taking it seriously. These hidden layers of incompetence are deeply worrisome for all of us. We are standing on the edge as up till now the number of affected people is far less than in other countries. Still, the situation is exacerbating with every passing day as the number of cases is boomed to double in recent days. We stopped calling our students from China, but we haven’t stopped people who visited Iran to enter Pakistan. However, the step was taken to prevent the fueling of the sectarian divide; still, the government needs to think decisively and make an amicable policy.


We seem to be in a state of denial, we pretended that we can’t have the corona-virus. Well, a collective sense of denial holds a lot of power. At the best times, the governments seemed to be myopic because of the unrelenting pressure of traditional problems: economic ailments, political hatreds, governance headaches, national security threats, etc. So far, the growth of the virus is exponential, this means once it starts spreading, the graph just skyrockets. If the rising temperature does indeed kill the virus, we may escape the horror that currently threatens the Earth. If not, and the virus keeps on spreading with its lethal speed, then the world is definitely going to obliterate.


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Unfortunately, we are starved of political focus, better people, and a bigger slice of funds. In addition to this, we have been foisted with political leadership, which seems to have apathy for the global crisis. On matters that are traditionally less important, the civilian government waits for the advice of the top man. The current government is also facing this issue. Every time anyone raised the issue of corona virus, it was perceived as an attack on the national security of the country.


Here we are entering in an uncomfortable and deteriorating zone. It is because of our inability to think critically and our myopic approach. Or maybe we have collectively lost the ability to adapt to new situations. Will we stay within the ambit of our limited world view? Can we believe in Charts and evidential proof?. Or we have been addicted to the state spoon-feeding our information, and we are unable to acquire knowledge that requires personal outreach.


There is a reason the status quo prevails in our country.