Snacks worth trying during this monsoon season

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Monsoon is here already and has shown its first glimpse today. Our favorite time of the year specially if you live in Karachi, it is a blessing. So why not enjoy it! Monsoon is the time, when your heart and brain begin to feel good naturally. While it starts to rain outside, our heart certainly simply desires one thing, a delicious mouthwatering food. Here are some of the desi things that we crave the most.

Challi (Corn)

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Whether you love spicy food and even if not, simply grab the corn and enjoy it with your friends and loved ones, the taste is undeniable, sitting in the open, enjoying the hot stove challi is the best thing you can enjoy in this season. Just make sure your challi is appropriately covered with spices and lemon juice.


Mouthwatering pakoras with a cup of tea are the best combo, during the monsoon. You can get to choose from wide range of onion pakoray, Shimla pakoray, potato pakoray, cauliflower pakoray and meethi pakora to alter your preference. Homemade or buying pakoras is the best choice with some mint or imli chutney.


Samosay, this monsoon, can be considered another cringe worthy food to eat enjoy. The times are gone, when folks only ever had potato samosay on their menus, because now we have variety of yummy samosas that are worth trying like pasta samosa, chicken samosa, samosa, keema samosa, sabzi samosa and several other variations are available to choose from. So, don’t waste your time because the monsoon is not going to be back until next year just slobber down into them without giving thought.


What could be better than enjoying a mug of chai while seeing rain drops and listening to your favorite music! A cup of strong ginger or gurh vali chai can be a complete stress reliving remedy.


Whether it’s a street corners chaat corner or your own home made, these spicy snack items will surely give you a stunning experience while ate during rainy season. Chaat is spicy enough and tasty, which is possibly why they would go well with the cold rains.

I hope you will add these snacks into your list and will enjoy them in this monsoon season. You might have already tried them but in the rainy season they taste much better than they ever did!

So, do try them and enjoy this monsoon season.