Shehzad Roy opposes the execution of rapists in public

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Recent reported cases of sexual assaults and rape have caused a great outrage throughout the country. Women in Pakistan are at risk, they can’t go out freely without being afraid of lusty animals. Many celebrities have been raising their voices for public execution of culprits of such heinous crimes. The gang rape of a woman on Wednesday has shocked nation and people across the country want culprits to be executed publicly.


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Although Shehzad Roy doesn’t support the idea of publicly execution of rapists. Using his social media account, he said, “Who ever is demanding to Hang any criminal publicaly should not forget that there is enough research available that “Violence breeds violence.”

He then further said, “I have done a lot to save kids from sexual abuse & corporal punishment. Rapists, child molesters or criminals like them should b punished with full force of law. I am against giving any punishment publicly. Do you want our young kids to see bodies hanging on chowks,choraha & markets?”

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