Police arrested 5 TikTokers in Punjab on account of allegedly making TikTok videos of weapons

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On Wednesday, 5 boys have been arrested by the police on account of allegedly making TikTok videos with weapons. TikTok is a social media app, which is used to create short music videos, which involves lip-syncing, talent, dance and comedy videos of usually 5 to 15 seconds.

According to the police officials their TikTok videos were manifesting aerial firing and weapons. Two of them have been arrested from Sialkot, while the other three have been taken out from Shakargarh Tehsil.

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According to the police officials their weapons has been seized as well as the cases have been registered for allegedly making TikTok videos and having possession of illegal weapons.

The accused have been presented in the courts and have been detained in judicial custody, said the authorities.

FIA and the police have recently started to takeout the people who are illegally  possessing weapons and allegedly showing them on social media.

Onto which they will arrest these people and will block their social media accounts.

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