PIA Pilot Shumaila Mazhar Responded To The Rumors Of Being A Sister Of Fake License Holder!

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Recent disclosures by the Aviation Minister and the debate of fake licenses of Pakistani pilots has contrarily affected the poise related with the profession. The license scandal has influenced countless pilots as a few carriers in Pakistan ventured forward and began to drop the license of numerous pilots.

After news that the two sisters, Maryam Masood and Erum Masood, were likewise purportedly in the rundown of pilots with fake licenses, an image inscribed as ‘renowned pilot sisters’ started circulating inside numerous social media posts.

She clarified that she and captain Maryam are not sisters and she is being wrongly focused on. She said that Captain Maryam has been her commander on a flight and there’s nothing more to it. She additionally explained that her name is excluded from any of the rundowns that uncover the names of the fake licences holders. She additionally referenced that she has been exposed to extreme mental health issues on account of the bogus news and she truly couldn’t manage the detest.


This is what she said:


Shumaila said that she wasn’t being investigated for this discussion and she additionally referenced that before remarking on gossip, individuals ought to confirm it from the sources and should keep the sentiments of that individual or their family into thought.