People are again asking for Ali Zafar after the release of PSL 6 anthem

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As the PCB revealed the forthcoming PSL 6 matches, the whole country has been excited and anxiously awaited for the matches. But we know PSL can’t be held without an anthem. A special anthem is released every year by HBL PSL to raise people’s enthusiasm and love for cricket. But the HBL PSL has been criticized for its anthems for the past two years.

PSL anthem are a kind of teaser for the fans and from the past two years people are showing their sheer disappointment with the anthems. This year they released a song featuring Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig And Young Stunners named as Groove Mera. People are again asking for ali zafar to write an anthem like he did after the collapse of Tyyar Ho last year.

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The PCB has been criticized for boycotting Ali Zafar without any justifiable reason for the past two years. Ali Zafar released such magnificent songs that the tunes of his anthem are still played in matches today. Without even charging them with money, he gave them the best anthems. But PCB don’t permit him to sing the anthem anymore.