PayPal and Cryptocurrency might launch in Pakistan

Tania Aidrus has promised to bring PayPal and cryptocurrency in Pakistan.

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Tania Aidrus, previous Google executive who is presently the incharge of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s new pursuit Digital Pakistan Initiative, pledged on Monday to play her role in settling the money related issues looked by consistently increasing freelancers in the nation because of the absence of PayPal, an American company working on worldwide online payment system.

She was speaking to students of the Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) on Monday. “We don’t have any champions of ours in PayPal and it isn’t easy to bring it in the country,” she said, adding that to bring PayPal here, the government would have to comply with its terms and improve relations with other countries.

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She remarked that PayPal will not take a decision unless they are 100 per cent sure that they are safe here. “We need to give them assurance that if they come here, we will understand their issues of compliance,” she said. “We will start engaging them in a way which will be understandable to them.”

When YouTube was hindered in Pakistan, Tania was its nation chief for Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Reviewing that time, she said the Pakistani government needed controversial contents to be expelled from YouTube yet the video sharing site was inflexible on making a local domain for Pakistan first. Since there wasn’t any lawful framework in the nation for that, the issue couldn’t be settled, she said.

With respect to the blocked cryptocurrency in Pakistan, which is an advanced resource intended to fill in as a mode of trade that use solid cryptography to verify monetary exchanges, the speaker commented that by and large in Pakistan, the individuals who drafted policies didn’t know about a few issues. Cryptographic money, she stated, was obstructed in Pakistan as well as a few different nations too.

She stressed the need for creating awareness about these digital tools among the policy makers. “Once our unit is formed, we will translate what’s happening in terms of technology in the rest of the world to the policy makers,” she said and asked the IT students not to expect that the ban on cryptocurrency will be lifted any time soon.

She, however, assured the students that efforts would be made gradually to rationalise the policies with regard to such digital tools.

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