Pandemics and Conspiracy theories

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In addition to physical health, Pandemics also have a significant impact on the mental strength of human beings. Conspiracy theories spread in the same way, or we can say that conspiracy theories spread with a more pace than the pandemics themselves. However, the level of such theories depends on the belief system of an individual. Several videos of clerics and “Pirs” are being circulated on WhatsApp and other social media platforms in which they are suggesting different types of protective measures against COVID-19. Some have advised the dust in a shrine while some recommended the soup of inner layers of pigeon’s stomach for the infected.

Some leading religious scholars are recommending offering prayers to seek divine help against the pandemic. Well, definitely in our country religion plays an essential role in the lives of people in our country. Some religious scholars are advising that in addition to offering prayers, proper precautionary measures should also be taken. While there are some religious scholars as well as the general population that see pandemic as a divine punishment to curse the infidels. They also believe that they have divine protection against every epidemic. Many videos are being circulated on social media where people are cursing the infidels, including China and the Western countries, and advising others not to adopt any precautions as suggested by experts, doctors and the Government.

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Experts of sociology note that while natural disasters develop empathy among humans, pandemics force people to be decisive, which builds a feeling of guilt. According to the news coming from Wuhan, where the virus has been successfully overcome, it teaches us how to respond to the fear of pandemics. Their collective response to the epidemic contributed towards defending themselves and each other against the virus. The videos circulated on social media were about hope, not conspiracy theories. Every day new conspiracy theories are developed regarding the virus, keeping aside President Trump calling the virus as “Chinese Virus” and Chinese suspicion that the virus was bought into Iran by a USA soldier. Some conspiracy theories also hinted that aliens were involved in creating rifts on Earth. Some also believe that some writers predicted the virus in their books many years ago.

Pandemics are a test of our self-control and character.