Pakistani celebrities have sent a public service message our way in short film ‘Call to Action’

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In the short film,’ Call to Action’ , stars from the entire Pakistani industry came together during this crucial time to send a message of safety and well-being from their homes. The two minute, 45 second video features 17 Pakistani celebrities including the director himself, the well known artist and comedian Faisal Qureshi.

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The script is plain as day. Maya Ali, Mikaal Zulfikaar, Humayun Saeed, Reema, Ayesha Omar and others are all holding a conversation through a phone call and sharing their course of action to curb the virus from spreading.

“We will not leave our homes until and unless coronavirus situation is under control,” said Waar starlet Hamza Ali Abbassi in the opening short of the video.The video highlights a number of messages like practising social distancing, washing hands regularly, taking healthy diet, ensuring water intake and most importantly staying away from misinformation about the virus.

It came to a perfect end with the participation of Sir Anwar Maqsood who also sent a message to ensure cleanliness, urging people to stay alert during the time of pandemic.

We laud their attempt at raising awareness amongst the masses. We can never get tired of reiterating the same message over and over again for our countries safety and until the virus is completely eradicated!