Online classes and the problems faced by students

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With the intrusion of coronavirus in our lives, among many other things, education has also been affected to a very greater extent. As the universities were in the middle of their spring semester, the orders of closure were announced until May 31. Many Universities have shifted to online learning with live online classes. My question here is that was Pakistan ready for such a digital shift?

The main problem that we are facing is the accessibility of the Internet. There are many areas in Pakistan that don’t have a stable internet connection as the Higher Education Commission(HEC) has developed standards for universities regarding the infrastructure to continue with online classes. Internet access to all the students must be a part of the standards set by the HEC.

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Another problem that we are facing now is that due to lockdown around, the burden on the Internet is also increasing due to which a decrease in the internet speed has been noted around the world. The authorities also need to look into this matter too.

I am making it clear that I don’t mean that the authorities don’t need to look for an online methodology to continue with the classes, what I am saying is that the authorities need to start looking for solutions that are feasible for all students.

Online teaching doesn’t mean just to put on lectures and reading material on the Learning Management System(LMS) and expecting students to read and understand the content by themselves and then bombard them with assignments.

Now there are some questions which I, as a student, am not supposed to answer. These are the questions which are needed to be answered by the teachers and all the relevant authorities. How do you ensure class participation in online classes? Or will the online classes be done without any class participation?. As far as University education is concerned, class participation is a must part of that as it develops the overall personality of the students.

We need to address these issues adequately, specifically those related to students as we shift to an online teaching methodology, which is the need of time. All stakeholders should be taken on board.


Do tell us in the comments section what do you think the problems are and what could be the possible solutions for these problems.