Novel- Rumi’s Daughter By Muriel Maufroy

If you have read ‘Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shaffak, then this book should be your next read!

Rumi's Daughter - Rush By Grabit

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Rumi’s Daughter by Muriel Maufroy mainly revolves around the love of Rumi for Shams and the hatred of his townspeople and Rumi’s family towards Shams, and Shams’ rules of love.

The story is based on true events and includes three fundamental characters and occasions that occur to completely change them.

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Rumi was one of the incredible enchanted writers ever, a dynamic figure whose irregular perspectives on adoration still resound today. Very little is known about his life, we do know that he lived in Anatolia, had a phenomenal profound friendship with a man named Shams, and brought an adopted young girl, Kimya, into his family.

This novel is Kimya’s story—of how she ends up attracted to puzzling Shams, and how, by marrying him, her spirit starts its actual adventure into fire. Set against the decline of the Byzantine Empire and the Mongol attacks, this story of a tempestuous relationship consolidates all the immortal topics and interests of Rumi’s own verse.

Novel: Rumi's Daughter By Muriel Maufroy - Rush By Grabit

As I would like to think, the ending is a lot of surprising and disrupting which left me sad. One thing that really impacted me all through this book was that maybe there is a trace of peacefulness inside the madness to which just Rumi is familiar to.

Try not to pass up Rumi’s Daughter if you need to experience spirituality and need to find out about Jalal ud din Rumi, his little girl and Shams.


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