Namkeen Lassi Or Methi lassi? Which one you prefer?

Well Pakistanis love to argue about their food choices whether it be Food street of Lahore Vs Food Street of Karachi, or is it Biryani Vs Pulao. In the amidst of Ramadan, lassi is indeed a major drink of aftaris as well as sehri. Lassi has its roots in the subcontinent and is obsessed by a very large number of people. But lassi is something that can’t be neglected.

But as lassi is indeed a harbinger of joy, it has been a cause of kerfuffle on the Pakistani Twitter.

People on Twitter discussed there lassi preferences.

Namkeen Lassi was even call raita. 

A very strong reply from team #NamkeenLassi

Another tweet by team #MethiLassi

Well, Well Team #NamkeenLassi got serious while getting their facts right.

Do tell us in the comments section which one is your favorite?