My Feudal Lord by Tehmina Durrani | Book Review

An enthralling account of Tehmina's love-hate relationship with the Feudal Lord

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This is an enthralling account of Tehmina’s love-hate relationship with the Feudal Lord. She also describes the founding of PPP, which came up with the portrayal of being a leftist and progressive party but ironically, up till now, it’s power base lies in Feudalism.

The book revolves around Tehmina Durrani, who belongs to a modern and well off family, and Mustafa Khar – the most prominent politician in Bhutto’s regime, who belongs to conservative, traditional and typical feudal background. These two opposite traits come close to each other, but Tehmina’s dream soon becomes a nightmare when Mustafa’s decency turns into brutality. She divided this devastating account into three parts – Lion of Punjab (Mustafa who roars and destroys the lives of simple and innocent women without any hesitation), Law of Jungle, and the Lioness.

This book is also about self-discovery and most of all, ‘breaking the tradition of silence’.

“Silence condones injustice, breeds subservience and fosters a malignant hypocrisy”

Although, its also a controversial book so we will look into this through that angle too.

The critics may argue that Durrani lacks sincerity and refuses to accept her flaws and instead blames everything on her family and her husband, Khar. She also refuses to accept that she also ruined someone’s home, and she also left a husband and a daughter, a daughter who kept coming back to a mother who didn’t want her and instead chooses to victimize herself even when it wasn’t needed.

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