Mufti Abdul Qavi declared mentally unfit by his family members

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After the scandal of Mufti Abdul Qavi gone viral, people showed their outburst on social media. The scandal involves a famous TikToker Star Harem Shah. She released a series of videos in which she showed the how Qavi was confessing about his addictions with drugs, alcohol and partying at night to the TikTok star harem shah. In another video, it was seen that the TikToker was slapping him for using offensive language.

After this scandal, his uncle, Abdul Waheed Nadeem came to the front. In a press conference with some religious personalities, he said that “We have decided to withdraw the title of Mufti from his name until he recovers from his mental complications”.  According to his uncle, he had destroyed his family’s name with his filthy acts. Therefore, his title of mufti has been taken off and he will undergo medical treatment.

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According to him, Qavi was a very intelligent person but his greediness for fame and money had caused lot damage to his and his family’s reputation.

Keeping in mind that this is not the first time that Qavi is under a scandal with a woman. Back in 2016, he was also seen with the model Qandeel Baloch in an indecent pose. But that model was later killed by her brother, which later involved him into a series of cases. He was even removed from Ruit-e-Hilal committee due to that.