Money Heist Season 4/ La Casa De Papel Returns

Money Heist season 4 to be released today and people can’t wait more for this show. The reasons are the current situations of lockdown all around the world, and the ultimate success of the previous 3 seasons of this show.


Money Heist, which is called La Casa Da Papel in the original Spanish. People have fallen in love with the characters as well as the our all theme of the show. The theme of resistance. The famous song of the show “Bella ciao” has also been made a symbol of resistance. The show is very popular among the revolutionary who want to make this world a better place for their future generation and fight and resist against the oppression of the oppressor.


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The show lead character is know as The Professor. A master mind, or we can say a criminal genius. Then there is the loud one Denver. The immature one, Rio. The crazy one, Tokoyo. The Courageous one, Berlin. The stylish one, Nairobi.

You know that the Professor and his team are robbers, sometimes they even kill people, but you root for them as you identify with their needs. At the same time, you view or like to view the police as the villain despite them doing what they’re supposed to do. The makers of Money Heist beautifully utilize our dilemma of being defenseless in a big bad world run by the powerful state machinery. The team’s rebellion fans our own imagination of standing up against the mighty, and right there Money Heist wins you over as an impactful social drama than just a thriller.


I can’t say much about the show, because what of a heist, if you know the spoilers. It’s the twists in the show that creates the fun.


why wouldn’t anyone watch a world class show like Money Heist, especially when you have followed it for three seasons!