Microsoft is going to shut down Internet Explorer

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Microsoft confirmed that it is going to shut down the Internet Explorer 11. This will happen across Microsoft 265 apps and services by 2021. However, the support for Internet Explorer will end by 17 August 2021 onwards.

So, after 17th August 2021, the browser will not work on Microsoft products like Office 365, Outlook, and others. The company also informed about the shut down of Internet Explorer on Teams from 30th Movement 2020. However, Internet Explorer will work on Windows 10 devices because the company didn’t reveal the complete shutdown.

Microsoft informed in an official blog, “For degraded experiences, new Microsoft 365 features will not be available or certain features may cease to work when accessing the app or service via IE 11. Moreover, the company asking users to use the Microsoft Edge browser. Additionally, all the apps of Internet Explorer will run on the new Microsoft Edge browser.

Further, Microsoft informed, “Users can standardize on one browser and seamlessly experience the best of the modern web in one tab while accessing a business-critical legacy IE 11 app in another tab – all housed within the new Edge.”

Apart from the announcement of shut down of Internet Explorer, the company also informed about the closing support for Microsoft Edge. From 9 March 2021 onwards, the Microsoft Edge Legacy desktop app will not get any new security updates. So it is advisable for users to switch on to the new Microsoft Edge browser.

According to the report of NetMarketShare, Microsoft Edge is considered to be the second most popular internet browser in the world. Moreover, Microsoft Edge pushed Mozilla Firefox into third position and having 7.59% market share. However, Google Chrome remains there on the top of the list with 68.50% market share.