“MERA JISM MERI MARZI!” A Clash of Extremes

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On 3rd March we saw a clash of two extremes, the Far-left and Far-right. The controversial show of Neo News resulted in a dispute between Marvi Sarmad and Khalil Ur Rehman. The viral show has been a storm on social media, with hashtags trending on twitter, telling us what type of discussions our nation is interested in, but that’s not the point here, will leave that discussion for some other day.

I will not debate here about the slogan. I will talk about the clash that happened on a national TV channel. So I was reading a book, that suddenly the WhatsApp beep got my attention. After opening the message, I came to know that a viral video is being shared in a class group with the caption #MennisimOnItsPeak, with my other colleagues laughing and cheering on how a man bluntly abused women on national TV channel. I played the video, and I was shocked as I haven’t seen such an intolerant behavior on a news channel against women and that too from a writer.

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The point we need to understand that in between the misogyny and misandry, there is a sane world. Such events have never done well in society. It strangled the cause of women’s rights, making it a clash between the two extremes. MISANDRY VS MISOGYNY. But we loose at the end, get it hijacked by pseudo feminists and extreme conservatives

Different people shared different views regarding the controversy


Mahira Khan tweeted that why is Khalil Ur Rehman given projects after projects.


No matter what views Khalil Ur Rehman holds, but such kind of abusive language should never be allowed on a national TV channel. Some people on social media have also argued that how can a man with such a low Emotional Quotient(EQ) invited on a TV channel. Some have blamed that TV channel that it did that for ratings. While many segments have supported the stance of Khalil Ur Rehman, many have urged him to apologize for his words, but up till now, he has refused to apologize.