Madrassa Student breaks all stereotypes and cleared CSS; allocated to PSP

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Dreams do come true if you put in the hard work and adopt a never give up attitude. For some, achieving their dream is easy, for others, it isn’t. Maaz-ur-Rahman, a madrassa student from KPK, is an epitome of fulfilling dreams with sheer hard work.

Changing perceptions in Pakistan is not an easy task, and neither is clearing Central Superior Services exam, however, Maaz has done both thanks to his self-belief and persistence. He is the son of an Imam and a religious scholar, who was overjoyed on hearing the news of him clearing CSS.

When my friend suggested me to appear in CSS, I asked what is CSS?

For many of us, madrassa students are no good. They are non-playing characters in the world and are treated as third-grade citizens for some reason. Maaz has defied all odds and has been allocated to the Police service after securing the 67th position in CSS 2019.

Maaz-ur-Rehman; a CSS-qualified Madrasa student. Yes! Madrasa student. You read that correctly. The achievement of clearing his CSS exams is without a doubt not only inspiring, but it also shows that hard work truly pays off. Not only this, Maaz-ur-Rehman, due to financial issues had to attend a Madrasa for the sake of getting an education.

Now although the concept of having to attend Madrasa isn’t entirely as wrong, the problem that Pakistan faces, especially when it comes to Madrasa teaching is illiteracy. Maaz-ur-Rehman admits that his Madrasa teaching did impact him and it was when he started to prepare for his CSS examination, he learned and grew on a completely different level.

The most difficult thing in our society is to change the way one thinks or perceives. Neither is it an easy task nor is it easy to ace the Central Superior Services exam. However, by the grace of ALLAH, Maaz-ur-Rehman is capable of doing both. Yes, that’s right, after clearing his CSS exam, Maaz-ur-Rehman aims at bringing a change in the society by tackling one of the most difficult decisions to date. Changing the views and perceptions of people.

Maaz-ur-Rehman is a son of an Imam and Islamic scholar. The most inspiring tale of this young man is that he decided to rise up and prove the long ridden notion of Madrasa teaching as wrong in society. Let’s be honest, most of us view the Madrasa students as not as good as someone who has studied from an O-levels school. But Maaz-ur-Rehman changed his view beating all odds.

One can appreciate the diversity of civil services as previously daughter of a christian driver also made it to the FSP.

In addition to this he also said,

“When people like me will come forward and Madrasa students will work hard and pursue education … they are competent and very much talented”.

KPK is indeed proud of him!