LPG price hiked up by Rs 5/kg across the country

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Government has increased the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) across the country. The price has been increased up to Rs 5/kg.

On Sunday, according to Pakistan’s LPG Industries Association the price of a normal gas cylinder, which is usually used for domestic purposes has been increased by Rs 60.

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Whereas a commercial cylinder has been increased up to Rs 230.

According to the authorities the increase in the prices is due to pull up of the fuel supply from Taftan border, Pakistan’s and Iran’s border.

LPG Distributer’s Association has stated that the increase in prices is due to the closure of border,  which has resulted a total of 1200 metric tonne reduction in the supply.

They have also said that these prices may get increase further if the border didn’t open soon.

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority(OGRA,) last month issued a notification regarding the price increase of LPG across the country in August.