Lady constable from Punjab police got fired over her viral TikTok video

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A lady constable from Punjab police force has been fired recently from her job after her TikTok videos went viral on social media sites. The lady constable named Wafa Tauqeer who is an active social media user and a Tiktoker as well, caught into trouble after her video went viral on social media onto which immediate actions were taken and she got fired.

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An investigation was also launched regarding the matter, resulting Wafa Tauqeer to lose her job when the allegations to her came out to be true. Whereas the dismissed Wafa Tauqeer said that she has been treated unfairly, she didn’t know the videos went viral. She said the videos were made eight months back during her training and she only saved them into her phone because she liked making Tiktok videos and didn’t have any idea how the videos from her phone got leaked.