Karachi facing “Load Shedding” issues!

Due to the extreme shortage of gas, load-shedding in the major metro area has made the daily life of the natives problematic. As per media reports, power has been running out 3 to 4 times each day, though load-shedding is also affecting the areas exempted by K-electric. Karachi’s natives expressed outrage at the unannounced power off, as soon as the temperatures in Karachi has began to rise, K-electric have n

ot only let the natives survive without electricity but have also charged them heavy compared to the usual bills. The towns that endure the outage include Shah Faisal Colony, Malir, Landhi, numerous Gulistan-e-Johar and Gulshan-e-Iqbal blocks. In the meantime, the K-electric spokesman said blackouts in the city were due to gas shortage.

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The government must deal with this issue of load shedding, particularly on the part of SSGC, which is also a semi-governmental sector, in the view of the necessity of offering load-shedding relief to the citizens and industrial sector of Karachi. Where the KE keeps the federal government responsible for the retrieval of unpaid energy charged as consequence of a lag in payments, which needs to be addressed properly as well.


Where electricity outages in rising temperatures have disrupted the everyday lives of residents of the city and the local industry, such a circumstance could trigger a question of law and order and therefore should be addressed immediately. But even if the conflict is resolved successfully, our reliance on a small energy grid and inebriated power plants would still lead to debilitating load shedding as the energy consumption goes up, a failure that eventually needs to be solved.