Islamabad High Court has Ordered PTA to unban the famous online game PUBG in Pakistan

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Yesterday Islamabad High Court has lifted the ban on the famous online game PUBG. Islamabad High Court Justice Amir Farooq announced this and ordered PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) to unban the game immediately. The decision came out after a detailed hearing. PUBG was temporarily  banned on July 1 because of numerous complaints from different sectors of Pakistan. Which eventually started a great debate on social media sites for lifting the ban on the game with trend #UnBanpubgInPakistan.

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Since it was banned Waqar Zaka the famous VJ-turned-television host raised his voice to unblock PUBG. He ‘d even lodged a petition against the ban in the Sindh High Court. The PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) cited increasing suicides as a justification to ban the online game PUBG, however Waqar Zaka stated that he has already talked to the parents of children who died from suicide and thus the reality seemed different.

He said “One child had a bipolar disorder, and another died over a failed relationship with a girl. The game doesn’t have anything to do with suicide,” he then further said. “You don’t burn an entire library just because a few books are not suitable for you.”

The game has been unbanned and will be available for the gamers to play from now on.