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The Rush Media Team is proud to present our latest series called Career Rush!

We’re living in truly amazing times where we’ve seen entire new careers and positions develop right in front of our eyes, jobs that were unthinkable of a mere decade or two ago. This advancement in technology has changed the way a lot of jobs are performed and have made many of them obsolete. It has also made the task of choosing a career a lot more difficult but also a lot more exciting. While ten years ago you had to choose between a handful of jobs, today the internet has given you the opportunity to turn almost anything into a career – as long as you believe in yourself and work hard.

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This is where Career Rush comes to help!

We bring you insights and advice from industry professional around the globe belonging to different areas and fields ranging from high ranking officials at multinational firms to technical geeks living the dream in Silicon Valley all the way to Creative Directors and Artists shaping the look of the world as we know it.

The first volume of this series brings you eleven talented individuals each from a different background sharing details about their jobs, their backgrounds recalling how they got to where they are today and bringing advice on how you could create your own path to success!

The full list of interviewees for Career Rush Volume 1 are as follows:

  1. Umair Akber Kalhoro – Head of Internal Audit,  OSC Dubai | Founder, JAG-Tech, The Kalhoro Green Acres & Progeny Livestock Farms
  2. Parisa Siddiqi – Founder & Director, Doorway Entertainment
  3. Jawad Majeed – General Manager, Tabeer Energy
  4. Shariq Thanvi – Senior Digital Executive, DSC Technologies
  5. Salman Sattar – Director Sales Middle East, FrieslandCampina
  6. Asma Waqar – Founder, Sweet Affairs & Crave
  7. Adnan Khan – Head of Design, IAL Saatchi & Saatchi
  8. Hasnain Jaffery – Partner and Co-Founder, The Zeal
  9. Shehroz Iqbal – Founder & Director, Alpha College
  10. Taha Khalid – Country Insights Manager, IKEA
  11. Awais Khan – Author, “In the Company of Strangers”

Stay tuned as we post one interview every week! Tell us in the comments what questions would you like to ask these people and we’ll answer them for you!