Internet Sensation Taher Shah releases new song ‘Farishta’

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Right when the world was convinced matters could not go any more pear-shaped, Tahir Shah drops a bombshell on the internet in the shape of a “Farishta. Rings any bells? We had come across something strikingly similar once before and relentlessly questioned it’s unnecessary emergence into our lives. *sigh*

In December 2019, Taher Shah took to Twitter to share the news of another release before the year came to an end. The buzz-worthy singer shared a picture of his eyes and captioned it “coming soon”.

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Taher Shah released his first song Eye to Eye‘ in 2013. The transparent absurdity and lack of purpose in the song lyric and video prompted fluster amongst the Pakistani audiences. Inevitably, he was flooded with criticism.


Right when everyone thought that the consistent memes had taken a toll on him, he made an audacious comeback with another single “Mankind’s angel“. The video went viral for the same comically bizarre element.His entire existence was immediately turned into a meme, not only in Pakistan but other foreign sites, including The Indian Express and Kotke.

Not just the critics, but the masses also believed his songs were capable of butchering the senses. However, it’s the same songs that earned him the position of Pakistan’s biggest Internet sensation in 2013. It turned out that Taher, who is the sole writer, performer and producers of his songs, is open to criticism. In an interview with Dawn Images, he humbly mentioned,

“Look, I am here to share love, and I am sharing love. Positive or negative doesn’t bother me. This is an era of the young generations and IT, and positives and negatives happens.”

Now, the criticism is back and so is the cringe. It’s apparent how the song is merely an Urdu translation of Mankind’s angel coupled with a twist of an animated video. The animation certainly proved to be a gold mine for him, allowing him to feature fairies, gypsies and even a Pegasus to this mythical land he is infatuated with!

Twitter and Facebook did not wait to ridicule the singer.