India scored the lowest score in its history against Australia in the test match

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India team scored the lowest in their history in test match against Australia. The match which took place in Adelaide brought huge disappointment for them. They were able to scored only 36 runs on the third day of their first test series. Not a single player scored a double-digit. The only highest score was achieved by M Agarwal which was 9 out of forty balls while the captain Virat Kohli only scored 4 on 8 balls. The score of whole team was like 4,9,2,0,4,0,8,4,0,4,1. This bad performance led to victory for Australia and they leads as 1-0 now. With just two wickets dropping, they won the match.

This is not the first time India has scored a low score like that. In 1974, the former minimum total was 42 against England. But luckily, there was one player in that series who scored double-digit points. Although not out, Eknath Solkar scored 18 runs, but this time there wasn’t a single player who scored double-digit. This is the worst cricket test score in Indian test history, but luckily it’s not the lowest in the world.

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Because of that they hold the 7th position in the lowest score in test cricket. The lowest test cricket total ever being made was by New Zealand against England which was 26, happened in 1955. Captain of Indian cricket team Virat Kohli hoped that they will perform better next time and also urged fans to not make mountain out of a molehill.