Here are a few things that can make your quarantine time productive and enjoyable

Well we are stuck in our homes, with our mobile phones, laptop and internet. Now is the time that we go off our bad habits. Well we understand that without anything specific thing to do its very hard for our day to pass on. Another lesson learned, without definite goals in our lives, we end up nowhere and and we just wander from one place to another. Now here we had listed a few things for you that can possible make your quarantine more productive and enjoyable.

First of all start writing down your plans on a page

Writing goals increase the probability that they will be complete. Now we know that we are stuck in this, but we can let this thing help us learn this habit of writing our goals. Write down long term goals , write down your short term goals. Write down your daily goals. Write down your weekly goals. Write down your monthly goals. This is the best time that you can  defeat your habit of procrastination.

Talk to your parents and siblings.

Now as we know that the digital world, the so called world of connectivity has weakened the relationship of parents and children. But guess we had the perfect time to reinvigorate that bond. Because family gives us the impunity due to which we move forward in our lives. Now is the time that we start look up to those relations.

Complete your readings

Well its the perfect time to complete all the readings on which you are lacking. Well if you are looking for some suggestions you can check out 3 life changing books of Umera Ahmed.

You can dramas too!!

We have a good news for you, as due to the lock down you have got a lot of time to get back and watch the best dramas of Pakistan. If you are looking for a list, so we have already made a list of 5 best Pakistani dramas, you can check them out.

Do tell us in the comments section that how are you making your isolation time productive.