Harbhajan Singh ended friendship with Shahid Afridi after his comments on India

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Although its suggested that sports and politics should be kept apart but this is something difficult amidst the “hot” political environment of subcontinent. Sports and politics have always been interlinked to each other in this region. From cancelling series to boycotting matches, many things have been done is sports because of political unrest between two neighboring countries. The recent has been Harbhajan Singh ending friendship with Shahid Afridi after Shahid Afridi commented on India.

Both Harbhajan Singh and Shahid Afridi remained friends since decades.

Shahid Afridi commented on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying: “The disease in Modi’s mind is bigger than the coronavirus. The disease Modi has is based around religion. Modi is committing brutalities in Kashmir with our Muslim Kashmiri brothers and sisters. Insha’Allah, Modi will have to answer in this world and in the Hereafter. Modi should know one thing, he tries to be very fearless but he is scared. Why did he sent a 7 lac army for such a small Kashmir? The UN is not playing its role as well, why was it made them? Pakistan Army has always highlighted this fact.”

He further added the said words which might have triggered Harbhajan “We shot down their ‘choozay’ (chicklets) in the air, brought them down, and gave them tea. Pakistan always wants to spread love, but only if it is a two-way relation.”

Like, Shahid Afridi, Harbhajan Singh has been trying to start a political career. And such steps are indeed necessary, keeping in mind the nationalist politics of both India and Pakistan.

“This is very upsetting what Shahid Afridi has come up with, talking ill about our country and our Prime Minister. This is just not acceptable,” Harbhajan said to India Today.

He further added, “Even our Prime Minister has said that Coronavirus is a fight that extends beyond borders, religions, and caste. So we were very clear with the cause that we were promoting, which was simply to help those in crisis. But this man (Afridi) is talking ill about our country. All I have to say is we have nothing to do with Shahid Afridi. He has no right to speak ill against our country and he should stay in his country and limits.”

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