Hailey Bieber Deactivates Twitter Amid Criticism for ‘Shading’ Selena Gomez With Justine Skye

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Mrs. Bieber has been caught up in a controversy over a workout video in which Mrs. Bieber and Justine sky seemingly shaded the singer Selena Gomez. Lately both posted a video of them in a workout session with lip-syncing DJ Khaled’s song that was booming in the background.

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According to fans, Skye could be heard saying “Nobody says Selena” in the video as the two lip-sync to the song, exactly when the song mentioned Selena Gomez, Justin’s  former-girlfriend.

Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber haven’t said anything about the ongoing drama till today. Mrs. Bieber, however, deactivated her Twitter account on September 16, and Skye answered back on Twitter. She said, “I was tryna be nice but idc, you guys are fucking weird .. stop searching for reasons to attack people defense of your FAV. Especially if it’s completely inaccurate. Don’t y’all have homework to do or somethin.”

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