Govt Employees protested in Islamabad for a pay raise

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In the afternoon, Islamabad police resorted to tear gas shelling near the Pakistan Secretariat as they tried to push back the workers, who are protesting for a pay rise.

Several employees were arrested and those stuck in the Secretariat Block broke the door to escape.

The protesters are currently negotiating with the Islamabad deputy commissioner.

A protest was also held outside the National Press Club, which was joined by employees posted in Balochistan and Punjab. Later, the protesters started a march towards the Parliament House.

The government employees are protesting against the government over different issues.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid confirmed news of the talks on Twitter. He has instructed the Islamabad administration to release all arrested employees immediately.

The federal government employees are demanding a raise in their salaries and had gathered today after their leader Rehman Bajwa and nine others were arrested overnight.

Following the arrests, the government workers in the federal capital had announced they would march towards the Parliament House from Pakistan Secretariat for their demands and the release of their leaders.

The police had resorted to tear gas shelling after they made a move towards the Parliament. The protesters at one point had also encircled Federal Minister for Information Shibli Faraz.

At one point the protesting employees also closed the doors to the secretariat bringing the government machinery to a halt.

At least two dozen protesting employees were taken into custody under Section 16 of the Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance (MPO).