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PTI government is again in hot talks after increasing the price of petrol and diesel on major scales. Pakistan is going through a rough phase these days. We have been facing several crises along with the shortage of petroleum and awam is not happy about this. Recently our PM instructed an inquiry on the ongoing petroleum but instead of leading up to it our government has given us a big surprise. Eventually it has also started the series of protests against increasing the price of petroleum and diesel.

On Friday the government officials announced the new increased prices, petroleum increased by Rs 25 per litre which was 74.52 and now increased to 100.10 per. The price of diesel is increased by Rs 21 per litre, which was Rs 81 and now has increased up to Rs 101.46 per litre. These new prices will be in effect immediately, according to the government officials. Kerosene oil will meanwhile cost consumers 59.06 PKR per litre. Similarly, the price of light diesel oil has also been pushed from Rs 38.14 to Rs 55.98.

Here is how Pakistan’s public reacted on social media,