Does Maulana Tariq Jameel owes an apology to anyone?

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Maulana Tariq Jameel’s remarks on different issues in the Ehsaas Relief telethon had led to a huge debate on social media. Prime Minister Imran Khan hosted Maulana Tariq for the fundraiser against coronavirus.

While presenting his speech, Maulana Tariq made a couple of remarks as per his opinion, which related to Pakistani media and women. He had stated that the Pakistani media was full of liars and were constantly misrepresenting news.

Well he is a citizen of an independent country, why he owes an apology? where was he wrong?. He has every right to disagree with anything. He is an Islamic cleric what else do you expect from him?


He said: “Who has torn honor to pieces in my country? Who makes my country’s daughters dance? Who is asking them to wear skimpier clothes? Whom should I hold accountable for this sin?”

Does Islam promote behayai? Does it promote dancing, wearing skimpy clothes? So when the Maulana questions , why is he wrong? Why should he apologize for stating the truth in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

And to make one more point clear he used the term “Behayayi” why many people related it to women? And let me remind you these are the same people who are self-proclaimed charlatans of freedom of speech, the right to dissent.

Some stupid analogies were used.

“Mullahs are raping kids so that makes my immodest clothing okay”.

Pathetic analogy to legitimize your sins. I think people should have the guts to own their choices, Why are they looking for validation?

So I would say that NO! he doesn’t owes an apology to anyone, He is living in an independent state known as Islamic republic of Pakistan and he has every right to propagate his views.

Do tell us in the comments section, as what do you think about this whole fiasco.