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Since the April, temperature have continued to rise fast, leaving us tired, sweaty and feeling de hydrated. To maintain good health, it is important to stay hydrated and while sweating excessively because of this unbearable heat. Our body tends to lose water while sweating, for which water is an essential think to beat your thirst. But you can try other drinks that not only controls the thirst but keeps you fresh as well! Desi traditional summery beverages refresh and replenishes the body and helps you stay hydrated as well. Here are some of the desi beverages that you need to try this summer.


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In addition to simple lemon juice and water, Lemo Pani or Lemon Water contains sugar and salt also sometimes a few other mixed spices together with smashed mint leaves to enhance fascinating taste. Summers are completely incomplete without this drink! It is child’s play to make lemo Pani! Cut a lemon in half and squeeze it in a glass for the juice. Stir in some salt and a teaspoon of sugar, if you like it sweeter you can add more. You can also add mint leaves, by Crushing some mint leaves and add them to the juice for a fascinating taste. Also add ice cubes, and chilled water and blend them all till the ingredients dissolve and then serve!


Sattu pani is really a special beverage which keeps a person cool even during warmest day. This is made of saturated flour, sugar and water which is all it needs. Not only it is refreshing but it also keeps you hydrated.


Although if regular drinks aren’t all that special to you, you’ve got a drink that’s a desert loaded. It is a desi beverage made generally by combining rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil seeds and jelly bits and sometimes overlaid with ice cream scoops. Falooda is a tasty dessert shaped like a cocktail.


Sugarcane juice is being used as a home remedy to a multitude of issues. It makes an energy drink which helps to create plasma and body fluids to combat fatigue and sluggishness. Including fresh mint to the juice will just allow your summer drink to taste better.

Staying hydrated is important but who says hydration cannot be delicious! Keep yourself fit and full to avoid any damage from harmful rays. These mild drinks could very well benefit you to open refreshment doors. Try these desi traditional dishes at home this summer because every single sip count!