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Pakistani food is famous around the globe, flavorful recipes with delicious taste. Whereas every traditional dish has its story to tell belonging to a different in Pakistan. Especially Northern areas they have variety of different type of mouthwatering dishes. Pakistani food is diverse and full of spices, desi ghee, taste and the aroma that can’t be forgotten. Even if you are living in abroad you will never forget the taste of these desi dishes, rich in culture and mouthwatering. But yes, keeping in mind your calories chart!

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Biryani is one of the most famous and favorite dishes of Pakistan. Well it was originally came from Persia, but now every region in Pakistan has their own kind of biryani. Like Sindhi, beef chicken and Hyderabadi biryani with their on unique taste. It is made up of rice, chicken/mutton/beef with spices, onions, saffron for aroma, and perfectly cooked tomatoes and potatoes.


It is also one of the most well-known meat dishes in the whole nation. It is served to visitors on significant events and contains meat that is moderate cooked and stewed in flavors for the time being. This beloved dish is similarly cherished and noshed in breakfast and lunch. This gradually cooked mouthwatering dish is an absolute necessity to go after if somebody who hasn’t tried it yet.


It is a perfect blend of an assortment of traditional and custom staples utilized in Pakistani cooking, for example, wheat, minced meat, grain, lamb and with chicken. It is a dish that sets aside a long effort to plan in light of the fact that the lentils and uncommon flavors need a lot of time to appropriately cooked and absorbed with the minced meat and make a one of a kind dish that will charm your taste buds.


These are might be not all the dishes but worth trying. These are the legacy and tradition of Pakistan that no Pakistani can resist!