Defense Minister Pervez Khattak tested positive for Covid-19

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indh Governor Imran Ismail tweeted that Defence Minister Perwaiz Khattak, 71, had also tested positive for the virus. “Perwaiz Khatak is diagnosed with Covid positive. Get well soon PK,” Ismail wrote.

Pakistan is in the grip of a third wave of the coronavirus. The government has decided to impose fresh restrictions on social gatherings from April 5, with steady rise in cases and low supply of vaccines.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, 68, tested positive for the coronavirus on March 20. His wife Bushra Bibi also tested coronavirus positive the same day.

The coronavirus has claimed 14,256 lives, along with 659,116 confirmed infections in Pakistan so far.

 Pervez Khattak also said he had tested positive. “We all need to take this third wave very seriously. May Allah protect us all,” Khattak added in his message.

Coronavirus cases are rising quickly in the South Asian nation. It has recorded 659,116 infections and more than 14,250 related deaths, with 4,525 infections and 41 deaths reported in the last 24 hours.

The government is in the process of introducing stricter restrictions including bans on wedding ceremonies and large gatherings.

It launched its vaccine drive earlier this month, inoculating healthworkers and high-risk age groups. But it is facing setbacks from vaccine hesitancy and delays in vaccines arriving in the country.