Commissioner of Karachi declares 500 fines for not following the SOP’s

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Large numbers of COVID-19 cases registers every day as the new wave of covid-19 reaches Pakistan. Although 30 deaths have been recorded over the past 24 hours, the death count is growing steadily, yet the total number of deaths thus far has been 6,923, which is a highly significant matter. Also positive COVID-19 cases are rapidly rising too. More than 1,000 cases registers in Pakistan every day and around 1,376 people are tested positive today.

Keeping in mind the current situation Iftikhar Shalwani, commissioner of Karachi, declared that it is now compulsory to wear masks otherwise offender has to pay 500 rupees as fine. Ignoring these SOPs may lead to an arrest as well. He also asked his subordinates to ensure that malls, mega markets and restaurants will obey all the SOP’s.

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The cause for Sindh’s additional steps is that because Sindh has the most positive COVID-19 cases registered so far. So it is important to take additional steps, or we will suffer the worst economic crisis. Through these steps Sindh government is making sure that citizens cautiously follow instructed SOP’s.