Macron anti-Islam comments induce boycott of French products , #BoycottFrenchproducts trends!

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Blasphemy has been a very controversial concern in the Western world. Many extremists have begun lobbying to spread violence against Muslims. The same is situation in France, where French President Emmanuel Macron shared his controversial anti-Islam comments. He feared that a counter-society would be established by Muslims in France.

He even said that Islam is the religion facing significant crises all over the world. His comments came after a teacher was decapitated for blasphemy, onto which he said that they would never give up on blasphemy-containing cartoons. Muslims from all over the world were offended by his narrow-mindedness.

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Turkey president Tayyib Erdogan said that Macron needs a mental checkup’ , whereas France urged its ambassador from turkey to return back. Kuwait and Qatar also started removing French products from their super markets as their answer to him. PM Imran Khan also shared his opinion by mocking Macron over his so called secularism.

The Foreign Ministry of Jordan also condemns Macron for not giving up cartoons in the name of his so-called freedom of speech. All Islamic countries are being urged by Muslims from every corner to gather and boycott all French goods.

This is a very humiliating gesture by the president of France. Instead of suppressing blasphem, you are asking Muslims to practise patience. You should concentrate on the unification of cultures in France as President of France, but instead you ridicule an entire faith that is much more traumatising for Muslims living in France itself.

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