Best Places in Karachi for your Pasta Cravings

Pasta addicts, you’ve come to the right place. I am sure pasta is beyond Spaghetti and Meatballs and these places tells that!

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Now we all know that everyone loves pasta. If not, then you might crave for it every now and then. Things being what they are, who doesn’t get water in their mouth when they hear “pasta”? With exquisite meat and thick ‘n’ zesty sauce, each other individual is an immense devotee of this dish.

Presently, people of K-town have not kept their taste buds for desi food, pizzas and burgers only. We are exploring ad experimenting with different cuisines and numerous of these authentic cuisines are being served as well.

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However, all pasta lovers know that not every dish taste the same. Hence begins the long-life struggle of finding the best pasta…

Well these few places in Karachi might help you find the ONE you’re looking for. Keep scrolling, you don’t wanna miss this one out.

Best Places in Karachi for your Pasta Cravings- Rush by Grabit

1- Amichi:

Amichi will satisfy all your pasta carvings. It lets you customize your own pastas from the very scratch, you choose your favorite type of pasta, type of meat you need in it, veg or non-veg, zesty or creamy sauces- I mean sounds like a pasta heaven. The ambiance is cozy, trendy yet chic, perfect for hangouts.

Best Places in Karachi for your Pasta Cravings- Rush by Grabit

2- Fettuccinie:

A small comfortable bistro and sizzling pasta is an ideal blend – and that is what Fettuccine is about. Some incredible reasonable pasta is being served at Fettuccine. Interestingly, they likewise offer you to make your own bowl. You get the chance to pick the sauce, pasta, fixings, meat and flavors.


Best Places in Karachi for your Pasta Cravings- Rush by Grabit

3- Pompei Italian Restaurant:

In the mood for Italian fine dine? – what better place than Pompei Italian Restaurant. Pompei never settles on quality and has reliably offered delightful dishes that have left taste buds enticed. Talk about pastas, then they have wide range of it beyond white sauce. Their Classic Marinara is exactly what you need to have!

4- OTG by Vintage:

Vintage is liked many in Karachi. It is light on pockets, full of flavors and not to forget delicious. OTG- On The Go by Vintage is a compact place yet trendy where they serve a diverse range of pastas. Their one bowl full of creamy deliciousness is more than enough for a person – but you can always make room for more! 

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