Aspiring female entrepreneurs from Karachi

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Time and again, women worldwide have proved their skills in the domain of business and entrepreneurship.
In the essence of International Women’s day, we proudly feature these young female entrepreneurs with budding ventures from Karachi. Their ambitious mindset and hardworking attitude can serve as a driving force for young women who harbour  innovative ideas but are waiting to take the first step towards that change, big or small.



Noorulain Shaikh, Owner, Tastic & co.

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Noorulain Shaikh, aka the envelope girl, always fancied the aesthetics. All her childhood when feeling downhearted, she would immerse herself into the world of colours; painting, drawing and photographing. In studies, her interest hopped from one subject to another until the monotony of it completely drained her. She imagined herself at the top but struggled to navigate the path towards it. Her indecisiveness in choosing a career gradually spun a ball of negativity around her.

However, it didn’t take long to discover that her future lay in her love for arts. At the tender age of 19 in 2016, with little investments and nil experience, she established Tastic & Co.

“I started when I wasn’t even ready,” she laughs in disbelief. The brand offers customized envelopes, giveaway goody bags, boxes, pouches, trays and other packaging items intricately handcrafted and designed by Noorulain and her team. Well, life cannot be perfect, but your occasion can be!

She doesn’t shy away from experimenting with her products, and has recently introduced digital invitation cards, caricatures and posters. With 2 major exhibitions and appearances on national TV, her customer base has grown tenfold. The envelope girl is unstoppable now!

Rameen Nadeem Iqbal, Owner and CEO of SCOOT

Living and growing up in gated communities comes with some perks. The same benefits of a secure residence allowed Rameen to begin cycling as a child. As her exposure with other communities increased, she realized the lack of safe spaces in Karachi for people, especially women, to cycle.

Bugged by this thought, she gathered a bunch of classmates at IBA and formed a team. Some cycles were carried to the campus, along with the unique idea of cycle rental services on campus. She named her startup ‘Scoot’.

“The benefits of cycling are unlimited. I strongly feel it’s essential for such facilities to be provided. To allow people to use a carbon neutral means of transport and a way to exercise outside the confines of a gym or a room”, she explains boldly. Scoot charges a very economical amount of Rs.100 per a thirty minute ride. Currently, Scoot offers services at IBA and Karachi University for a recreational activity but in the future, the team aims to expand the venture to other universities as well as gated communities in order to promote the idea of cycling.

Rameen is ready to face the challenges head-on, presuming that the first one will come in the face of changing the mindset of a generation that is accustomed to the ease provided by motor vehicles.

Simra Sheikh, Entrepreneur, Bewitched, Makeup artist at Artistry by Simra

Simra set off her journey as a make-up artist when circumstances at home had left her unaccompanied and alone. She found herself gradually plunging into depression as she juggled responsibilities at home with her studies. That’s when make-up became her breather. She got certified immediately to begin her free-lance artistry at home productivity provided her the comfort she needed.

Simra began her career when the make-up market began to crescendo. But she firmly believed in constantly reinventing her techniques and be on top of what’s happening in her competitive landscape. She proved this by formulating her own 100% organic beauty products and launched her brand Bewitched with safe, highly pigmented highlighters in three fantastic shades. Now at the age of 22, she is a growing entrepreneur too.

Bewitched now provides a wide range of make-up products from moisturising matte lipsticks to reusable makeup removing flurries.

Starting off this early isn’t a piece of cake. We wish these inspirational women further success in their professional and personal lives! And we’ll make sure to follow their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Kudos to them!