Asim Azhar’s song “Tum Tum” is trending!………want to know why?

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Asim Azhar has released his song “Tum Tum” today featuring TikTok start Ariqa Haq. The song soon after being released has been in top trends but with hatred! The song features many stars, Talha Anjum, Hania Amir, Shamoon Ismail, Talha Younus, Raamis and has also stated his song as the biggest collaboration of 2020.

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Since Asim shared a teaser featuring famous TikToker, the video has been the talk of town. And after its release people’s opinion is nothing but bad, well Asim didn’t expected it! People have been posting their personal thoughts related to the song on social media platforms.

Soon after its release the video of the song is being trolled all over social media forums.

Well let’s see what awam is saying…. Here are some of the tweets of song being trolled in.