Asim Azhar Smashes Social Media Hypocrites For Not Minding Their Own Business

Since the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput there has been lot of social media campaigns regarding mental health awareness. People have been posting their concerns and support regarding mental health issues, like they are there for you and you can share anything whatever is making you depressed! Well that’s just only for posting and getting attention, nothing has changed. Asim azhar smashed these social media double faced hypocrites, that how they are affecting someone’s mental health. Asim Azhar along with tiktok star Areeqa Haq is releasing his song. He shared a snapshot of his upcoming song. He had also posted a photo of him on his Instagram with tik tok star recently. But in result they both got trolled on social media platforms.


Asim Azhar later posted about how this trolling and hatred has affected them and made both depressed. Here is what he said:

It is very disheartening to see how people are reacting without thinking how it will affect these celebrities. So, what if they are celebrities mental health issues can hit them too!