Antlers- All you need to know for nightmares

Antler movie’s trailer is out and all we can say is ‘Get ready to be creeped out!’

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Trailers don’t get creepier than the recently-released trailer for the horror film Antlers, which starts with a little boy feeding a freshly murdered critter to a scarcely-glimpsed somebody — or something — and proceeds in a likewise dread initiating vein for its duration.

Things get exceptionally disagreeable rapidly in the most recent trailer for Antlers, the dim and filthy looking horror movie. This is the sort of trailer that is low on plot however huge on atmosphere, loaded with disgusting, gross stuff that will undoubtedly make all of you sorts of uncomfortable.

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In this movie directed by executive Scott Cooper, a small-town Oregon teacher (Keri Russell) and her sibling (Jesse Plemons) find that a young student (Jeremy T. Thomas) is harboring a hazardous mystery with terrifying consequences.

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One thing this new Antlers trailer clarifies: this won’t be a joyful motion picture. Everything here is designed to creep you out and make you shock. We’re talking about loads of dead creatures, filthy and dark areas, and some kind of body-awfulness hulk prowling in those shadows.

I guess you could blame this sort for thing of being excessively manipulative, as though there was a center gathering where the producers stated: “Enlighten us regarding the nastiest stuff you can consider!”, and after that they put it in the film.

It’s a shame that we’re not getting Antlers in this spooky season but the release date of the movie is 17th of April 2020. You might wanna mark your calendars for this!


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